Stocks in Bowland (Dalehead), St James

Dalehead Church 3

I have photographed and indexed all of the graves and memorials at this church. See link at bottom of page. I have also recorded any family names found in memorials inside the church.

This mortuary chapel in Gisburn Forest was built from stone from the old Dalehead parish church.
The burials in this churchyard have all been removed from the original church to this site when the church was demolished to build the Stocks Reservoir in the 1930s. The church was rebuilt in a much smaller form on this site using the stone from the demolished church.

The main names in this churchyard and BLACKWELL, COWKING, GORNALL, ROBINSON, RUDD, STRICKLAND, and THORNBER. All familiar local names.

Index to graves and memorials at St James, Dalehead


© 2018 Mark Etheridge

2 thoughts on “Stocks in Bowland (Dalehead), St James

  1. I love visiting this beautiful church and find peace here, I love how the graveyard has been let to wild flowers. One question I have is about the grave of the young girl who died on the Great Barrier Reef ( Jessica Anna Richards ) what is her story and how did she end up at this remote spot ?

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