SAGAR family of Askrigg, Yorkshire

My association with the name SAGAR goes back to my 7x great grandfather John Sagar who was born about 1695 in Helm, a small hamlet close to Askrigg in Wensleydale. I have not found John’s baptism, but on the baptism of his first child he is described as John junior, so his father may be the John who married Margaret PERKINS in 1691.


Hamlet of Helm

John married Christobel REYNOLDS on the 17 September 1715 at Askrigg. The couple had four children, but Christobel died in 1723. John’s second wife was Elizabeth TIPLADY who he married on 11 February 1727/28 at the parish church in Askrigg. John is described as a clerk in the Parish Records which implies he was the Parish Clerk, as was his son Warwick. In 1823, Metcalf Tiplady is Parish Clerk, perhaps he was a relation of John’s wife Elizabeth Tiplady. John was buried at Askrigg in 1764.

John and Elizabeth had nine children all born and baptised at Askrigg –

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St Oswald’s Church, Askrigg

Mary (c.1728). Mary was baptised on 22 December 1728. I do not know anything more about her after this.

John (c.1730). John was baptised on 26 February 1729/30. I do not know anything more about him after this.

Bridget (c.1731). Bridget was baptised on 6 May 1731. I do not know anything more about her after this.

James (c.1732). James was baptised on 9 Jan 1732/33. He married Ann Bell at Askrigg on 31 May 1760. The couple had at least two children, Elizabeth in 1761 and James in 1762. I don’t know what happened to the family after 1762. The only burial for a James at Askrigg that might fit is in 1788, but it records James as The Rev. James, and I have no information that suggests he was a Reverend.

Isabel (c.1734). Isabel was baptised on 11 April 1734. She married James BLADES at Askrigg on 24 February 1754.

Warwick (c.1734). Warwick is my 6x great grandfather. He was baptised on 21 July 1737. His burial in 1814 records his age as 80, which puts his birth about 1734.

Matthew (c.1742). Matthew was baptised on 12 July 1742. He died young and was buried at Askrigg on 30 May 1743.

Matthew (c.1743). Matthew was baptised on 9 October 1743. I do not know anything more about him after this.

Edmund (c.1746). Edmund was baptised on 29 May 1746. He married Jane HORSFIELD at Askrigg on 4 December 1769. Askrigg gained a reputation for clockmaking from the late 17th century. Probably the most famous Sagar on my line is Edmund Sagar, my 7x great uncle. Edmund Sagar of Skipton is recorded in Loomes’ ‘Clockmakers of Northern England’ book as working in Yorkshire from 1769-1805 with two illustrations shown. Edmund was living in Middleham from 1772 to 1778, and from 1793 he worked in Skipton until his death on 13 February 1805. He is buried at Holy Trinity church, Skipton. He was clearly a skilled clockmaker with his clocks still existing today, including one in Skipton Museum. He lost four sons to tuberculosis, so he was left without an heir to his business.

The Old Clockmakers of Yorkshire by N. Dinsdale records that “an Askrigg nephew named George LEE” joined the business in about 1798 aged 14, and duly succeeded to the business in 1805. A notice from a local newspaper records that this was jointly with a man called Robert WIGGAN. I have not been able to work out where George Lee fits into the Sagar family though, and who his parents were. Apparently, the clock is Embsay church is by George Lee. George died on 24 January 1855 and was buried at Zion Chapel, Newmarket Street, Skipton, and his grave is still there. The business was carried on by his son Peter Lee who died on 4 November 1898 and is buried along with his parents.

George Lee’s grandson Thomas married back into the Sagar family, marrying Jane Sagar in 1844 at Askrigg. Jane is my 5x great aunt, granddaughter of Warwick mentioned above, and sister to Margaret my 4x great grandmother. Their son James Sagar Lee is buried at Raikes Road, Skipton, in 1859, and a stone still survives.

Grave 10

Gravestone of James Sagar Lee at Raikes Road, Skipton

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